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Dubai: Two Maintenance Workers Jailed For Stealing $40,000 From Villa

Dubai: Two Maintenance Workers Jailed For Stealing $40,000 From Villa

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The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced two maintenance workers to one-year imprisonment, payment of a fine compensating the stolen amount, and deportation from the country after completion of their sentence.

They have been convicted of stealing $40,000 from the villa of an Asian businessman.

According to the police investigation records, the case dates back to October 2021, when a businessman reported a theft of $40,000 from his villa.

When he and his wife returned home, the businessman stated that their daughter informed him that two Asians had entered the villa and stolen from the property.

She was handcuffed and gagged by one of them, and the other went upstairs to steal some items, after which the two escaped.

The police arrived at the villa and reviewed all the cameras. They found that the convicts, one of whom was a worker, had visited the villa earlier that day to carry out some maintenance and decoration work.

The police arrested the first convict, who confessed about his accomplice. The co-conspirator was later arrested.