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Germany’s Pavilion At Expo 2020 Is Trending

Germany’s Pavilion At Expo 2020 Is Trending

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The Germany pavilion is one of the most talked about at Expo 2020 Dubai continuing to attract curious crowds and repeat visitors as the world’s fair enters its final days.

Hundreds of people queue outside the pavilion, sometimes for more than three hours, to be part of the entertainment and excitement it offers.

Outside, attendants distribute water and even offer impromptu craft classes, teaching people to make paper hats as they wait in line.

Many are revisiting the pavilion, which is built around a campus theme, for the pure joy of sitting on swings in the final zone called the “graduation hall”, moving in synch with glowing bulbs.

Others head back for a closer look at the interactive exhibit that shows how to capture energy from the ocean or watch an lift mock-up that moves horizontally.

Sebastian Rosito, director of the pavilion, said the fun element came as a surprise to visitors.

“It’s a different art of storytelling that people are loving,”

“Entertainment and education when combined is popular. We are witnessing this every day with the crowds.

“People are surprised Germany is so cool. No one was expecting that from Germany. We even got this reaction from Germans who visit.”