Nigerian Superstar BNaira plans to educate Africa on Crypto-Currency and Bitcoin.

Nigerian Superstar BNaira plans to educate Africa on Crypto-Currency and Bitcoin.

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Nigerian artist, Adewale Adebayo, popularly known as BNaira, is a global investor, music artist and businessman.

BNaira has over a million followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. BNaira found a passion for Bitcoin
and another cryptocurrency and has a unique way of assisting his followers with knowledge and information
about this new way of digital business.

The Nigerian superstar will be releasing his first book in all major stores across Southern Africa, including Exclusive Books in South Africa.

The book will focus on educating Africans on how the industry of cryptocurrency works and how you can make it successful for yourself.
Adebayo says,

“I get over a thousand requests every day from young Africans and people around the world asking me to mentor them and teach them about cryptocurrency.

I wish I had the time to do this, but I don’t; I can’t teach everyone; that’s why I published a book to do that for me.”
Although the book will release globally, BNaira’s focus is on Africa.

“Africa is the most promising continent for the next 100 years; I believe that most of the future dollar-billionaires will come from Africa.

I want to assist a child who grew up in the streets of Lagos or Soweto through education.

I aim for this book to open up their mindset so they can become extremely successful on their own and change the lives of their families and their communities.”

The book covers everything from the introduction to Bitcoin, how to buy and sell cryptocurrency, secret tips to
cryptocurrency, how to mine the coin, and so much more.

The book will retail for $17 (R258) and will be available in Exclusive Books from September 2021.

Online purchases are available at the following link: https://tradewithbnaira.com/e-book/