In a first for the UAE, Dubai Hospital uses nuclear medicine to treat chronic joint disease First time radionuclide therapy used to treat this condition in UAE and Gulf region

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Dubai: Dubai Hospital of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has begun the use of radionuclide therapy to treat various chronic joint diseases – making it the first time nuclear medicine is being used to treat this condition in the UAE and the Gulf region, DHA said on Sunday.

Using Radiosynovectomy, a small amount of a beta-emitting radionuclide (Y90) is injected into the affected joint delivering a minor radiation dose. This helps reduce inflammation and provides long-term symptom relief. The radionuclides are injected in a specialised way to ensure no radiation exposure to other organs.

The method helps in reduction of swelling and pain and restoration of normal function to the best extent possible, DHA stated.

Successful treatment
Last week, Dubai Hospital doctors succeeded in treating a patient with traumatic joint disease with this advanced technology at the Dubai Centre for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging under the supervision of Dr Batool Al Balooshi, head of the Nuclear Medicine Department; Dr Amro El Hennawy, Nuclear Medicine specialist; and Dr Ahmed Abdel Moneim, consultant rheumatologist.

The patient received an injection in the knee joint and the procedure was a success.

Outpatient procedure
According to DHA, this modern technology is easy to implement, has effective results, is minimally invasive, leads to faster recovery, has minimal risk compared to surgery and is cost effective. It can be performed as an outpatient procedure at the Nuclear Medicine Department and does not require hospitalisation.

Visit to Germany
Earlier, a specialised medical team representing the Dubai Centre for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the Department of Rheumatology at Dubai Hospital visited the largest centre for the treatment of joint disorders by local injection of radioactive materials in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The team included Dr Jamal Saleh, consultant and head of Department of Rheumatology and Medical Director of Dubai Hospital, Dr Al Balooshi, and Dr El Hennawy.

Dr Al Balooshi has obtained her degree in Nuclear Medicine and radionuclide therapy including treatment of joint diseases from Munich, Germany.

The aim of the team’s visit was to discuss the implementation of this service at Dubai Hospital.

The use of this new medical technology is part of the continuous efforts made by the DHA to keep pace with the rapid global developments in the medical field and to harness and deploy cutting-edge medical technologies and solutions, the authority added.