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Panini Fifa World Cup Sticker Craze Lands In Dubai

Panini Fifa World Cup Sticker Craze Lands In Dubai

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A complete set of stickers for the FIFA World Cup is a must-have for kids. Every four years, they spend their pocket money to collect packs to swap with their friends. These stickers were created by the Italian company, which has been releasing them since 1970.

The World Cup stickers are a popular feature and are sold out even in Dubai even though they are not being made available locally. This year, the hunt for all 670 stickers for the album is expected to be the most expensive yet.

Depending on where you live, a set of these stickers will set you back around Dhs500.

Although it’s unlikely, the secondary market for FIFA World Cup stickers is where the fun is. Usually, duplicates are traded with friends, and the shiny images of the stadium or national badge are more expensive.

Chris Huntley, 38, a British primary school teacher who also trades in vintage football shirts with RetroSportifDXB, is an avid collector who established Dubai’s first bi-weekly swap shop.

“Collecting Panini stickers is something I do for every World Cup,” said Mr Huntley, who says France 98 was his most memorable tournament.

“In Dubai, I’ve noticed it is something people want, but there are no distributors here.

“I have a friend in the UK who sends them over to me, but the trading element keeps it cheaper and is part of the fun.”