Prominent South African Businessman John Ghatti Inspires The African Youth

Prominent South African Businessman John Ghatti Inspires The African Youth

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Distinguished South African based businessman John Ghatti has joined the illustrious list of high profile speakers who will form part of the Generational Wealth Education School Tour 2022.

Ghatti is seen as a source of inspiration to the youth and many potential traders in the financial space, they believe that the life they desire and wish for can be attainable if they remain focused.

He is very passionate about young people and empowering them to become the best version of themselves.

“The greatest satisfaction of success has come from watching young up and coming youth applying the practical knowledge from my lectures and watching them become successful entrepreneurs.” Says Ghatti

The GWE tour team of prominent speakers and celebrities will be touring 9 provinces (states) within South Africa with a special trip in April this year to speak to some of the schools in the UAE.

“It is an absolute honor to have John Ghatti join our team of motivational speakers and change makers, he is incredible and someone that will add enormous value to the tour. The kids are going to love learning from him.” – says CEO of Generational Wealth Education Zareef Minty

Johni is delighted to join the tour and believes that if people invest in the youth, the world will become a much better place.

“I have been involved with motivational speaking for a while now, having held seminars around Southern Africa but what I love most is watching success stories happen right in front of me, when you positively change the mindset of a young person, their entire life changes.” Says Ghatti

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