Dubai Police Distributes Free Car Seats for Child Road Safety

A checkpoint between Abu Dhabi and Dubai that was used for coronavirus checks was removed just after midnight on Sunday.

Police led a convoy of vehicles back to the capital, with emergency lights flashing.

Abu Dhabi Police thanked the public for their co-operation but emphasised “the need to continue to adhere to the precautionary measures to continue recovering from the pandemic”.

A video broadcast by Abu Dhabi TV showed dozens of vehicles passing through what had been the Abu Dhabi-Dubai border checkpoint in the Sieh Shuaib-Ghantoot area.

Officials said the decision was made after the recent drop in cases in Abu Dhabi. As of last week, were found to have the coronavirus.

Since July 2, 2020, anyone driving into Abu Dhabi has had to show police at the border proof of a recent PCR test.

Nationwide,, to as few as 500 a day. Last week, the government said were fully vaccinated.

Green pass needed to enter public places in Abu Dhabi

Although people entering Abu Dhabi from Dubai no longer need to show a test result, they are to enter many public places.

Security staff at public buildings, malls, restaurants and venues will check that entrants have a green pass.

People who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus remain green as long as they have a PCR test once every 30 days.