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Dubai International Airport Is The 3rd Busiest In The World

Dubai International Airport Is The 3rd Busiest In The World

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New Delhi overtakes Dubai to become world’s second busiest airport

Delhi’s international airport surpassed Dubai airport to become the second busiest airport in the world in the month of April, according to a report by a leading global aviation data provider.

Indira Gandhi International Airport in the Indian capital city emerged as the second busiest airport in terms of frequency of domestic and international flights and seat capacity of 3.61 million, Official Airline Guide, a global travel data operator, said in a report.

The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta in the US was the busiest airport with 4.42 million seats, while Dubai International Airport ranked third with a seating capacity of 3.55 million.

China’s Guangzhou fell from its fourth position to 10th because of continuing travel restrictions in the country. Its place was taken by London’s Heathrow Airport.

The rankings are based on scheduled capacity in the current month compared with the equivalent month in 2019 before the pandemic.