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The Real Housewives Of Pretoria’s Mel Viljoen Is Seen As One Of The Best Dressed

The Real Housewives Of Pretoria’s Mel Viljoen Is Seen As One Of The Best Dressed

South African Nail Queen Mel Viljoen To Release Self Development Book To Assist The Youth

Not only does Mel Viljoen run an extremely successful business but she is also idolized all over the world for her incredible sense of fashion. “The Real Housewives Of Pretoria” star has received thousands of emails, messages and comments on her style and elegance for her dressing.

Tammy Taylor South Africa founder Mel Viljoen has received recognition from various celebrities and fashion magazines around the world on her impeccable elegance and classy fashion sense that looks very “first lady” like.

Just recently global fashion magazine Chic announced Mel as a style icon for Africa amongst other fashion stars in Africa like Sarah Langa and Rich Mnisi.

Mel is a well-respected and a highly publicized businesswoman and mentor from South Africa where she empowers women all over the country to start their own businesses and also empowers women to start beauty salons for sustainable income.

Mel sees herself entering the fashion space in the future but for now she enjoys the magnificent fashion history of Africa and its people.

“I plan on getting into the space in the next couple of years but for now you will see me attending our incredible fashion shows around Africa and the world as I believe in acknowledge the talent we have globally in this space, we need to celebrate each other more that’s what builds a better world.” Says Viljoen

Mel recently shared a photo with her thousands of followers on social media platform Instagram where she pulled off a black bag dress with a light-hearted caption “Agree or Disagree @kimkardashian never looked this good in Balenciaga-saga #RHOPTA”

Mel seems to have the kind of magic to pull off anything and still make it look like it just came off the runaway.