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Magnificent Women’s Series Q&A – Princess Tirelo Molotlegi

Magnificent Women’s Series Q&A – Princess Tirelo Molotlegi

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1.Who is Princess Tirelo Molotlegi?

There is nothing conventional about Princess Tirelo Molotlegi from South Africa. As the youngest child of Kgosi Edward Patrick Lebone II and Queen Mother Semane Bonolo Molotlegi Princess Tirelo has lived experiences of historical trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Her enchanting title as the princess royale belies the true grit of a fighter and survivor of many situations that fed her passion for compassionate service. Her proximity to her mother, Queen Mother Semane Molotlegi, nurtured her purpose as a community builder, a values-based strategist and advocate for equity and social inclusion.

Having been educated in South Africa and Switzerland, Princess Tirelo is most popularly celebrated for her visionary leadership within the Royal Bafokeng Nation. A hat she wears with pride, engagement, and an appetite to create an environment filled with hope and possibility.  She is testament to how a powerful platform can be exercised to influence change for the good of humanity, one small village and community at a time. Her confidence and courage propelled her to work tirelessly and constantly seek ambitious heights. As a youngster, one of her greatest highlights was becoming the first black woman in South Africa to obtain her private helicopter pilot license.

2.How Does a normal day look like for Princess Tirelo?

Waking up every morning and being thankful to have an opportunity imaging a way I can be of use in the hopelessness of people, advocating and carrying out random acts of kindness.  Being a loving partner and mother.

3.Favourite things to do in Dubai?

Exploring the Souks, Creeks, Old Town

Dubai Red Dune Dessert Safari with Traditional Dinner

Exploring Local Cuisine

Exploring learning about the latest in Education, Healthcare, Architecture, Tech, Energy, Jewellery, Fashion, Hospitality and Tourism spaces

4.Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I hope to be pursing my purpose, making a difference.  Reinvigorating my efforts to accelerate progress in access, quality opportunities for everyone where possible.

Crafting ideas and reimagining a better today. Being an innovator creating solutions that can transform lives and communities. Using my gifts that  can contribute to this world and changing the narrative about disenchanted youth – taking the mantle and help resolve unemployment, being an agent of change.

5.What’s next for Princess Tirelo?

Participating in shape-shifting global platforms as a thought-partner and motivational speaker, particularly on issues relating to mental health, education, healthcare youth, and women. Investing my time and resources towards positive opportunities for my community and utilizing my platform to promote the sustainability of a better planet for all to share in.

6.Some advice to all young people and young women who look up to you?
Do not be wary of picking yourself up whenever setbacks occur.  Be optimist always looking for opportunities, strategies and tactics that have high payoffs. Have humility and a personable nature endearing you to making sound and mutually beneficial collaborations that extend a far reach and impact. Your voices matter, continue to add fresh and innovative insight, whilst allowing the more mature to provide measured guidance based on lessons learned. The necessary ingredient being mutual respect, integrity, botho and constructive disagreements. – “you matter and can contribute. Remember collaboration especially intergenerational involvement – that it is a fundamental feature to constructive dialogue which keeps discourse inclusive and representative.

7.Share with us 3 tips to improve small businesses around the world?

It is important to equip young people and especially young women with tools to make them champions of their own destinies. They should take calculated risks, offer help, build communities.

They must be cognisant of how to use tools like social media in a constructive manner to build alliances for the better good.

8.What are some of the exciting industries to go into?

Mental Health



Community and Social Services

Renewable Energy


Food & Hospitality

9.Favorite hotel in Dubai?

One & Only Royal Mirage Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

10.Favorite Restaurant in Dubai?

The Lounge Burj Khalifa