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Pakistani Actor Ahsan Khan Talks OTT, Life In Dubai

Pakistani Actor Ahsan Khan Talks OTT, Life In Dubai

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Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan, who has appeared in many films and TV dramas, was recently in Dubai enjoying the city.

Like many actors, Ahsan, 40, also feels Dubai is a city wherein its people are “quite warm and welcoming”, he said in a conversation with City Times. A frequent visitor, Ahsan was in Dubai for a TV commercial (TVC) shoot. But his family wanted to join him, he said, adding that he shot for three days and stayed for a few more days to “relax and unwind” at one of the many beaches Dubai has to offer, which is also his favourite pastime along with devouring barbecued food dishes.

For the popular Pakistani star, Dubai is also a place where all his friends from different nationalities get together for a gala time. “We get together and have such a good time and learn so much,” he said. “The city is also very peaceful and secure.” And that is why Ahsan loves Dubai.

Ahsan, who is also a talk show host, recently shared a video on his Instagram with a caption that read: “When work becomes play, and play becomes work!”

In the video, Ahsan was joined by three others at a table with dune buggies in the background. “We were moving around,” he says. “We went to the Safari and other different locations. I was working and having a good time. So that’s how it became fun for me as well.”