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Q&A With Social Star Astrid Aurora

Q&A With Social Star Astrid Aurora

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With the coronavirus pandemic requiring everyone to stay at home, more and more of us have adapted to working online. Whilst sites such as Zoom and LoopUp have seen a surge in usage over the past few years, there also appears to be another online phenomenon: OnlyFans.  A social media service that allows creators to run a paid subscription service which deliberately lacks restrictive content policy, allowing them to share explicit photos and videos in exchange for a monthly membership fee.

OnlyFans emphasises the relationship between the creators and their subscribers, and the interactivity this platform provides. Subscribers can pay extra to tip creators, as well as send private messages in exchange for Pay Per View (PPV) messages, which are photo or video messages sent to subscribers that remain locked until they pay the price the creator has set for them.

We chat to one of Africa’s biggest OF Stars Astrid Aurora on her experience on the platform:

1. Who is Astrid Aurora?

Astrid Aurora former TV anchor and journalist who decided to put down the pen and pick up the camera! An adventurous, open-minded and intellectual woman with a lot of ambition. She enjoys cooking Arabic food and enjoy trying to cook new recipes.

2. What inspired you to start an OF page?

I love spending summer on the beach, and tanning topless. My favourite thing is being nude on the beach. So naturally, Only Fans felt like a natural progression from my Instagram. It’s a place where I have a space to freely express myself.

3. Do you consider the platform to be a sustainable business?

Only Fans is a great business model because it allows me to control my hours. I’m selling a product which is my content and managing client relations. My job contains a lot of marketing myself which is my brand so it’s a full-on business which I thoroughly enjoy!

4. What are your 5 year goals?

Currently I am studying, so my goal is to complete my studies and move abroad. I would love to travel more as well.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am currently studying Sexology. My dream is to open a clinical Sexology practice in 10 years. I am passionate about sexuality and truly feel I have an innate gift in helping others with intimacy problems.

6.What are some of the strangest requests you received on OF?

I have yet to receive a request that I would consider strange, but I would say something new to me is the JOI videos which clients seem to love.

7. What is the most you made off OF in a month?

I would rather not say, but I will say that it allowed me to move into a bigger home!

8. What are you looking for in a potential life partner?

For me a life partner is someone of character. A man with integrity, loyalty, manners, compassion and intellect, with a great deal of ambition. I believe I have found him. My partner is understanding of Only Fans and is happy I have a safe space to express my entrepreneurial erotic spirit.

9. What is your ultimate fetish?

I enjoy BDSM.

10. Favourite hotel in UAE?

Atlantis, The Palm

11. Favourite restaurant in the UAE?

Le Rosé

12. Favourite celebrity in the UAE?

Huda Kattan. I feel she is an inspirational figure with the success of her global brand.