Tidy Mess: A Dubai-based home decluttering project

Tidy Mess: A Dubai-based home decluttering project

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In Dubai lies Salam Shaban, a professional home organizer & owner of “Tidy Mess”, a project that aims to manage cluttered homes with elegance.

Salam is an experienced individual with multiple of certificates, one of which is accredited by the famous Japanese writer and organizing consultant Marie Kondo.

While the art of organizing or “Decluttering” has become very popular in an industry categorized by international experts, TV shows and books, the Dubai Post team decided to dive deep in the topic with a look into Salam’s a-typical profession.

Steps in managing a cluttered home always involves keeping in mind connections people may have to their personal belongings, and it follows the below steps:

  1. Getting rid of unwanted items with the owner
  2. Define a list of organizing items appropriate to the space
  3. Shopping
  4. Rearrangement and putting those items to use