Dubai Test Flight Of eVTOL ‘Flying Car’s X2

Dubai Test Flight Of eVTOL ‘Flying Car’s X2

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The world’s first commercial flight of an eVTOL aircraft took place in Dubai on Monday. The X2, which was developed by Chinese aircraft manufacturer XPeng, was displayed to the public.

The event was co-organised by XPeng and the Dubai International Chamber. The support provided by various agencies and entities, including the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, was also instrumental in making the event a success.

Dubai International Chamber is one of three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers.

The X2 took off from Dubai and successfully completed its 90-minute test flight. The event marked a new era in the field of intelligent mobility and short-haul flights.

Li Xuhang, the Chinese consul-general in Dubai, was present at the event. He was also joined by Hassan Al Hashemi, the acting president and CEO of Dubai Chambers, and Brian Gu, the vice chairman of XPeng. Other members of the business community and government officials were also present.

The X2 is designed to operate at a low altitude and has a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour. The choice of Dubai as the test flight’s destination was attributed to the efforts of the chamber to attract multinational companies to the region.