FIVE buys private jet to host epic parties at 35,000 feet

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Boarding 2023

By Keyta Hawkins November 17, 2021
FIVE Hotels and Resorts is taking things to lofty new heights with the purchase of its very own private jet.

FIVE’s brand-new private jet, a ACJ TwoTwenty (which will be known as Nine-Hotel-FIVE, geddit?), will be available to book from 2023 and will ferry revellers to parties in all corners of the globe.

So, what can we expect from this FIVE’s private jet-powered hotel?

All the luxuries of FIVE hotels we’ve come to expect, for a start, and that means no soggy aeroplane meals for this new addition to the skies.

The cuisine is being loaded straight from FIVE’s menu of Time Out-recognised restaurants, including Penthouse, Maiden Shanghai, Cinque and Soul Street.

The 16-seat aircraft will serve as an ultra-opulent ‘private dining room in the sky, and can ferry passengers for up to 12-hours to far-flung destinations with a full crew on board.