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Makesh Ambani To Let Children Lead His Businesses

Makesh Ambani To Let Children Lead His Businesses

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One of India’s richest individuals, Mukesh Ambani, has started a long-awaited leadership transition at his company, which is an energy-to-retail conglomerate. He has handed over the reins of his company’s telecom division to his son, Anil. This is the first sign of change in the family’s business empire, which is valued at around $200 billion. Last year, he said his children would play a significant role in the company.

In 2014, Akash, the elder son of industrialist and group chairman Anil Ambani, joined the management team of his company’s telecom subsidiary, Reliance Jio. He had just finished his undergraduate studies at Brown University.

As a non-executive director, Akash was closely involved in the company’s growth and strategy. He also worked on the development of the company’s products and employee engagement. As the chairman of the telecom division, he will now oversee the company’s operations. According to the company, he has been a key member of the team’s efforts to bring a young and vibrant culture to the organization.

He plays a crucial role in the management of the Mumbai Indians, which is a company-owned team in the Indian Premier League. In 2020, he helped broker a deal worth almost $6 billion between Meta Platforms, a financial services firm, and a subsidiary of Reliance. In 2019, he married Shloka, the daughter of a diamond merchant.