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S.Recky Receives 400 Million Views

S.Recky Receives 400 Million Views

Q&A With Social Star Astrid Aurora

Ahmad Hussain, also known as s.recky, a Dubai based Tiktok influencer has a follower base that exceeds 500,000 followers with 400 million views for each of his humorous videos. It was only in 2013 when he started his journey on social media and has now made it big amongst his followers for the ‘witty and humorous’ person he is.

Social media platforms have become an essential part of the lives of people around the Emirates. A recent study revealed that the average number of hours Emiratis spend on social media per day is approximately three hours per day, which is very close to the global average. With the availability of high-speed internet in the states of Emirates, the number of social media users in the state have reached up to 9.83 million users. The number of active accounts owned by a single user is approximately 10, according to a survey conducted on Arab users in the Middle East.

While this domain is dominated by women power, there are few male social media influencers like Hussain, whose expertise and anecdotes on day-to-day live events have rose him to popularity.