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Shark Circles Swimmers Off Dubai Beach

Shark Circles Swimmers Off Dubai Beach

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A shark was spotted swimming in the waters of Dubai, about a foot away from terrified tourists.

The shark was swimming near the shore when a shocked lifeguard saw it and immediately told the swimmers to get out of the water. A woman who had been swimming near a nearby buoy initially thought she was stranded by the shark.

As the shark approached the lifeguard, she was waved away by the man in the water. She then took off toward safety as the shark made enough space for her to safely get back to the shore.

This footage was taken from the Kite Beach in Dubai, which is a popular tourist destination. After the shark was spotted, a tourist visited the beach and said that no other sharks were seen that day.

The holidaymaker said: ‘We waited and waited for the shark, and nothing came. However they are patrolling the shore.’

Due to the presence of lifeguards, the Kite Beach is usually well-secured. The footage of the incident was shared on TikTok, where it has been viewed over 7 million times.

Some people praised the female swimmer for not panicking and for remaining calm during the encounter with the shark.