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South Africa’s “The Diary Of A Superhero” Has Been A Huge Hit In Stores

South Africa’s “The Diary Of A Superhero” Has Been A Huge Hit In Stores

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Kids from all over South Africa have been rushing to book stores nationwide to get their hands on “The Diary Of A Superhero” book by ten year old author Prince Mashawana better known as SuperMash. SuperMash is the first black child superhero in Africa and also the youngest in the world to do a Ted talk.

“The Diary of a Superhero” is on the lips of kids around South Africa which is a book all about “Kidpreneurship”.

“The book teaches kids how to start their first business while they are still in primary and high school.” Says SuperMash.

This comes after the massive growth of children who earn a stable monthly income because of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok. Studies show that there is an entire new market of earners which are kids between the ages of seven and fifteen.

The book teaches kids how to build a business from concept phase and takes them through the exciting journey of becoming a business owner.

“The book is all about “Kidpreneurship” where it educates kids in a fun and practical way on how to start a business while still in school. Also teaching young kids on how to do a pitch deck for investments, how to improve their marketing on social media, how to get clients and so much more.” – says SuperMash

The book outlines some fundamental tools and strategies children can use to gain some valuable experience in starting, managing and growing successful business ventures. The programme teaches kids on how to brainstorm brilliant business ideas – designing a logo, registering a company, learning how to budget and how to make a sale.

“One of my favourite chapters in the book has to be the tips on how to keep customers happy – getting that first sale will feel great, but remember you want your customers to keep on coming back,” said SuperMash.

“Entrepreneurship can change the world. I started my first business a while back and the lessons, I learnt have helped me become so much better,” he said.

The book has been flying off the shelves at most leading book stores nationwide.

“We get calls every single day requesting for copies on Prince’s book, we have been distributing books for years and it is incredible to see a ten year old getting orders like this, we have restocked some stores twice in a period of a month. That’s unbelievable.” Says Sheryl

The book is available in all major book stores around South Africa, which this being stage two of SuperMash’s book tour, he started his tour with a launch at Crawford College Lonehill where she had a book signing and gave a motivational talk to students.

The last stage of his tour will be the actual book signings and school tours where he will visit various schools, book stores and events to do book signings , talks and also appearances for his new book.